All You Need to Know About Long-Haul Travelling with Your Little One

All You Need to Know About Long-Haul Travelling with Your Little One

Have you recently booked a holiday that will include your little one? Will your trip be a long-haul destination that requires you to be on an aeroplane for a significant amount of time? If so, there are some considerations you’ll want to be aware of as travelling with a young child can be stressful, to say the least. Parents need to factor in how they will keep their little ones happy, entertained, and comfortable throughout the journey to ensure a smooth flight.

We have you covered with all you need to know about long-haul travelling with your little one. It’s all about setting up the holiday for success.

Children Under the Age of Two Years Old Can Usually Fly for Free

One thing that parents will be thrilled to learn is that many airlines allow children under the age of two to fly for free. It’s best to work with a travel agent as they will know which airlines have the best deals for travelling with kids. If you want to book your trip without the help of a travel agent, you can visit the website of each airline to see what the pricing policy is.

Because long-haul travelling can be so expensive, knowing which airline you can get a deal with is probably worth it.

Booking a Bassinet with the Airline Can Make Travel Much Smoother

In terms of meeting your child’s comfort and safety needs, a bassinet is an excellent solution. These strap right into the seat to keep your little one safe and secure, which is especially important during takeoff and landing.

Again, this requires a little planning on your behalf as you’ll want to book a bassinet with the airline to ensure there is one available for you. Waiting until the day of travel when you arrive at the airport means you take the risk of there not being any bassinets available.

Know the Seatbelt and Car Seat Rules

And speaking of keeping your little one safe and secure while in transit, what is the plan once you arrive at the destination? How will you be getting from the airport to your accommodations? Whether you are renting a car, using a driver, or even an airport transfer service, you’ll need to know the seatbelt and car seat rules for that destination. Assuming it will be the same as your home country isn’t wise, as each country has their own rules in terms of child safety.

Should the rules be the same as in your home country, you may want to bring your car seat with you to prevent any issues once you arrive. Be sure to check with the airline about what their car seat policy is in terms of how you check it. It’s likely checked with your baggage when you arrive at the airport.

Choose Easy Travel-Friendly Clothing Items for Your Little One

Here’s something that parents don’t always think about but certainly factors into your little one’s comfort during air travel. You want to pick items that are lightweight, breathable, loose-fitting, and comfortable for long periods. Fabrics such as cotton and bamboo are usually smart choices.

Layering clothing is another tip for parents, as this allows you to keep your baby’s body temperature comfortable throughout the travel day. Airports and planes can be hot, humid, dry, or even chilly. You never quite know what you’re in for so it’s best to be prepared with layers.

A short or long-sleeved bodysuit is an ideal base layer under a lounge suit. That gives you the option of adding or taking away a layer as needed. Bodysuits are also easy to deal with when it’s time for a diaper or nappy change.

Age-Appropriate Food Is an Absolute Must on a Long-Haul Flight

While you will have a meal, or possibly two depending on the length of the flight, there's not likely going to be anything age-appropriate for your little one. Parents will need to plan how many meals and snacks their baby will need for the flight. It's also smart to contact the airline to inquire about any potential food/drink restrictions.

Some items you may want to bring with you in your carry-on include:

  • Jarred baby food
  • Baby food pouches
  • Puff crisps
  • Tiny cubes of cheese
  • Small crackers
  • Cheerios
  • Premade formula
  • Pre-washed berries
  • Yoghurt sachet

It’s going to take a little creativity and remember, it’s always better to have too much than not enough for them to eat.

Keeping Them Entertained Is the Toughest Task of All

Even though all the above-mentioned tips require planning, any parent can attest to the fact that keeping your little one entertained and happy on a long-haul flight is the toughest task of all. Creativity will pay off in this category too, as you’ll want to bring a selection of small toys, books, and even apps on a mobile device if they are old enough to play with them.

Being Well-Prepared Will Pay Off

No question that being well-prepared for a long-haul flight with a little one will pay off and will ensure the trip gets off to a great start.

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