Best Mother’s Day Presents for New Mums

Best Mother’s Day Presents for New Mums - Zipster

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, now’s the perfect time to surprise the new mum in your life with something that will make her day. Something thoughtful and caring. Something that shows her just how much you love and appreciate everything she does for you and your family. 

But what should you gift the woman who deserves the world and more? Stick around for our top 5 Mother’s Day presents - mum approved! 

1. Spa day

If there’s anything that new mothers are - it’s tired. So why not surprise your loved one with a trip to the spa where they can relax and unwind?

The great thing about a gift away from home is that it officially makes your partner off-duty. That means they can enjoy a bit of time to themselves without worrying about tending to everyone else’s needs. There’s no greater gift than a calming time alone without interruptions. And even better, mum will feel refreshed and energised after her session - perfect for spending the rest of the day with her adoring family. 

2. Matching mum’s sets

If your partner is usually the one sourcing your baby’s clothes, why not surprise her this Mother’s Day with a matching baby and mum set? There’s no better way to melt mum’s heart than with matching pyjamas with her little mini. 

We have a wide variety of matching mum’s sets to suit everyone. If your partner is a big fan of bold and colourful prints, why not gift her and your little one our Pink Leopard Pyjamas? If she’s into neutral and understated colours, gift her our Jungle set. Browse our latest selection to find a pyjama set perfect for mum. 

3. Breakfast in bed

After you’ve let mum sleep in on Mother’s Day morning, surprise her with breakfast in bed. While this may not seem like a lot, the new mama in your life will be so grateful that she’s the one being taken care of for once. If you need some inspiration, try making her pancakes, Eggs Benedict, avocado on toast, or anything else that you know she loves. But don’t forget cleanup! The last thing a new mum wants to do is wake up to a dirty kitchen. 

4. Motherhood photo session

So many new mums have countless photos of their babies but hardly any with the two of them together. Apart from a couple of selfies here and there, no mother should have to go without beautiful photos of her and her children. And while you may keep telling yourself to start getting better at taking pictures of your family, why not leave it to the professionals and schedule a motherhood photo session? 

Motherhood photo sessions typically take place outdoors or in the comfort of your own home. They rarely last longer than an hour and are a wonderful way to provide mum with pictures that she’ll cherish for years to come. They also feature beautifully in a photo album or a nice frame given their professional quality. Search online for local photographers who specialise in motherhood sessions to find a style you think she’ll like. 

5. Something that brings her joy

Chances are mum has put her hobbies and interests to the side since your little one has come along. So why not celebrate mum for exactly who she is by encouraging her to do something that brings her joy? Depending on the mum in your life, this could be a yoga membership to a local studio or new art supplies to help her get creative. By gifting her something that she truly loves, you show her you not only appreciate her but value the things that make her happy. 

While being a mother is wonderful, it’s also important to remember the other parts of the woman you love. Think about the things that mum used to enjoy before baby came along and encourage her to get involved with them again.





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