Top 5 Baby Shower Gifts for Parents

Top 5 Baby Shower Gifts for Parents - Zipster

Shopping for new parents can be exciting and daunting. While you want to gift them something that’s useful and helps make their lives easier, it can be difficult to navigate the overwhelming world of baby gifts. With so many baby products out there, how do you know what makes for a great baby shower present? 

Fear not - we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 baby shower gifts for parents. All real-parent approved. Keep reading for everything you need to know. 

1. Meal subscription boxes

The last thing any new parent has time for is cooking. This means they often resort to quick, easy and unhealthy junk food options that make them feel grubby. Not exactly what a new mama needs when her body is recovering from labour and getting used to her newfound sleepless lifestyle. So how can you help ensure the new parents-to-be are getting the healthy, wholesome and nutritious meals they so desperately need during the fourth trimester? Enter: meal subscription boxes. 

While pre-made freezer meals are always helpful for new families, they can sometimes be a bit boring and bland - not to mention they take up valuable space needed for milk and other bits. This is why meal subscription boxes are the gift every new parent needs. They show up straight at their door and can be customised to their personal preferences and tastes. 

Whether you opt for a meal delivery service that pre-packages ingredients for hand-selected meals or go for pre-made entrees that only need warming up in the oven, meal subscription services are the perfect gift for parents who don’t have the time or energy to go to the grocery store and spend hours cooking. 

2. Nipple cream

If you’re shopping for a mama that plans on breastfeeding, she will need all the help she can get when getting accustomed to cluster-feeding, different holding positions and sore and irritated nipples. So how can you help your loved one feel some relief when her milk comes in? Nipple cream! 

Award-winning and 100% natural nipple creams such as Lansinoh are perfect for breastfeeding mothers dealing with irritated and cracked nipples. They are safe for both mom and baby and don’t need to be removed before feeding. Perfect to have in your friend’s bedside drawer, nappy bag or just in the car, nipple cream is a godsend for breastfeeding mamas. 

3. Zipper onesie

Newborns need lots of nappy changes. During the morning. At all hours of the night. Pretty much all the time! So when it comes to onesie shopping for new parents, the last thing you want to give them is something complicated like outfits with multiple buttons or complex folding patterns. They aren’t exactly the type of thing new parents want to disassemble multiple times a night.

So if you’re looking for a bamboo sleepsuit that new parents will love, give them the gift of a Zipster. A Zipster is a 2 way zip sleepsuit that makes nappy changes easier than ever. They are not only affordable but come in countless different prints - perfect for parents with varying tastes and styles. Featuring a two-way zip, parents can easily change their precious little bub without having to take off their entire baby grow during the process. 

Zipsters also come with fold-over hands to avoid pesky little scratches during the night and are made from buttery soft bamboo and elastane - great for delicate skin and keeping little ones warm and cosy. Trust us when we say that zip up baby sleepsuits always win over buttoned sleepsuits. Ask any parent ever! 

4. White noise machine

Babies aren’t exactly known for their impressive sleep schedules. While some little ones are champion sleepers from the early days, the majority of babies need a bit of a helping hand when it comes to falling and staying asleep. So why not gift your loved ones a white noise machine perfect for placing on their bedside table or in the baby’s nursery? 

Some white noise machines have been designed to mimic a mother’s heartbeat, helping children feel calm, relaxed and at ease. They also help drown out household noise so the new parents-to-be don’t have to worry about tip-toeing around the house at all hours of the day. Perfect for sleep-deprived parents, a white noise machine is a great tool for helping babies sleep. 

5. Cosy pyjamas

While baby showers are all about celebrating new life coming into the world, it’s important not to forget about mama. Your friend is about to embark on one of the toughest journeys a mother will ever go through, so make sure she knows she’s loved, cared for and celebrated, too. 

New mamas will be spending lots of time at home during the newborn stage, bonding with their little one, navigating feeds and recovering from delivery. Help her feel comfortable and cosy by gifting her organic, sustainable pyjamas that help her feel comfortable and chic while adjusting to her new normal. These matching pyjama sets from Zipster are guaranteed to put a smile on her face while she dreams of all the cuddly naps she’ll have with her new baby. 

Top 5 baby shower gifts for parents

When it comes to shopping for new parents, it’s important to buy them gifts that not only show you care but are useful, too. Instead of cluttering their house with toys their little one won’t use for months, why not gift them something that will make their lives easier as they navigate the newborn stage? From white noise machines to a zipper onesie that makes nappy changes ten times easier, these gifts are perfect for new parents about to welcome a little one into the world. 

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